About Telehealth

Telehealth, a modern healthcare gateway, utilizes technology to provide remote medical services. This innovative approach breaks down geographical barriers, offering convenient and efficient healthcare solutions through virtual consultations, remote monitoring, and timely medical advice.

Telehealth Overview

In the realm of healthcare, Telehealth isn’t just a technological innovation; it’s a lifeline connecting patients to compassionate care and empowering healthcare practitioners with the ability to heal beyond physical boundaries. It’s not about distance; it’s about bridging the gap between well-being and expertise, ensuring health knows no limits.

- Dr. Shweta Uniyal
Global Leader at Telehealth Society
Types of Telehealth
Telehealth Workflow
Building Trust and Relationships in Telehealth Visits
Building a Sustainable Telehealth Practice
Health Equity in Telehealth
Improving Telehealth Access for All
Telehealth Space for LGBTQ+ Patients
Telehealth for Older Adults
Telehealth Implementation Playbook
Remote Patient Monitoring Playbook
Telehealth Clinical Education Playbook
Patient Records Electronic Access Playbook
Billing for Telehealth Encounters
DEA Policy for Telehealth
Telehealth Policy Landscape
Health IT Telehealth Handbook
Health IT Digitial Tools Implementation Playbook
Telehealth (Part B) Dashboard

The directory of network hospitals can be accessed via scrolling images on the patients roster or by reviewing the comprehensive list below, categorized by state.
For your convenience, a state-by-state listing of affiliated healthcare facilities is provided. Alternatively, explore the network hospitals through dynamic image navigation on the patients roster.