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OpenTelemed: Bridging the Gap – Telehealth for Older Adults

Telehealth: A Bridge to Convenient, Accessible Care for Older Adults

While some older adults embrace technology, others may need a helping hand to navigate the world of virtual healthcare. OpenTelemed helps you bridge the gap, ensuring every senior receives the quality care they deserve through accessible and personalized telehealth experiences.

Benefits of Telehealth for Older Adults:

  • Reduced travel and exposure: Fewer trips to the doctor’s office translates to less time on the road and reduced risk of illness exposure, crucial for maintaining health and well-being.
  • Faster access to care: Skip the appointment backlog and receive timely care from the comfort of home, no matter physical limitations or transportation challenges.
  • Cost-effective and convenient: No additional costs beyond potential internet access fees, making quality healthcare readily available without financial strain.

Addressing Accessibility Concerns:

  • Digital literacy support: We recognize that technology can be daunting. Our resources and pre-appointment guidance walk patients through setup, basic operations, and troubleshooting, easing anxieties and ensuring successful virtual visits.
  • Alternative options: Not everyone owns a video-enabled device or has reliable internet. We offer phone-based alternatives for consultations, medication management, and follow-up appointments, ensuring everyone accesses needed care.
  • Family and caregiver involvement: Encourage patients to invite family or caregivers to participate in visits. Their support can bridge technical hurdles and facilitate communication, creating a comfortable and collaborative care environment.

Preparing for Success:

  • Pre-appointment walkthrough: Dedicated staff guide patients through their home setup, ensuring their device is connected, charged, and ready for the virtual encounter.
  • Technology basics review: We demystify simple yet crucial steps like checking into the visit, adjusting camera and lighting, and managing audio settings, empowering patients to take control of their telehealth experience.
  • Remote monitoring options: When appropriate, utilizing blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors, and continuous glucose monitors can gather vital information and potentially reduce the need for in-person visits, further enhancing convenience and comfort.

Navigating Reimbursement:

Medicare coverage for telehealth is continuously evolving. Our resources keep you informed and help you guide your patients through Medicare billing and reimbursement policies for telehealth services.

Building Inclusive Telehealth:

OpenTelemed stands with you in ensuring every older adult receives the care they need. We offer comprehensive resources for both providers and patients, fostering a welcoming and accessible telehealth environment where technology empowers, not hinders, the delivery of quality healthcare.

Together, let’s bridge the gap and revolutionize healthcare for older adults, one virtual visit at a time.

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