Public Health Nurse

Public Health Nurse

Public health nurses (PHNs) play a vital role in safeguarding the health and well-being of communities. They go beyond clinical care, focusing on prevention, education, and advocacy for healthy living.

  • Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Community Assessments: Identifying health needs and risks within a population.
    • Health Education: Providing clear and accessible information on various health topics like immunizations, disease prevention, and healthy lifestyle choices.
    • Screening and Immunizations: Administering vaccinations and conducting screenings for early detection of health concerns.
    • Chronic Disease Management: Supporting individuals with chronic conditions manage their health effectively.
    • Environmental Health: Addressing environmental factors impacting community health, like sanitation and water quality.
    • Health Advocacy: Influencing policies and programs to promote health equity and access to healthcare for all.

    Telehealth for Public Health Nurses:

    Telehealth allows PHNs to extend their reach and impact, offering accessible care beyond traditional settings. However, specific training is crucial for legal and ethical practice.

    Training and Requirements:

    • Completion of OpenTelemed’s Telehealth Practice Setup program ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
    • Additional CDC and HHS-accredited training programs enhance skills and knowledge specific to telehealth practice.
    • Continuing education (CE) courses keep PHNs updated on latest telehealth advancements and best practices.

    Collaboration and Supervision:

    • Collaboration with physicians: In some cases, PHNs may require physician supervision for specific services like medication management or diagnosis.
    • Independent practice: Many PHN services, like health education, chronic disease management, and health screenings, can be performed independently within their scope of practice.

    Benefits of OpenTelemed for PHNs:

    • Financial Viability: OpenTelemed’s program connects PHNs with resources and tools to establish financially sustainable telehealth practices.
    • Professional Empowerment: The platform equips PHNs with skills and knowledge to expand their reach and impact.
    • Limitless Potential: OpenTelemed removes limitations by providing access to patients, insurances, and training for comprehensive growth.


    Public health nurses are essential for community health, and telehealth empowers them to further amplify their impact. OpenTelemed, with its commitment to compliance, training, and collaboration, acts as a valuable partner in this journey. By joining OpenTelemed’s Telehealth Practice Setup program, PHNs can unlock their full potential and revolutionize community healthcare delivery.