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Occupational Health Nurse

Who is an Occupational Health Nurse (OHN)?

An Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) is a registered nurse with specialized training in promoting and protecting the health and safety of workers. They act as a bridge between healthcare and the workplace, focusing on prevention, education, and treatment of work-related illnesses and injuries.

  • Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Clinical Care: Treat minor on-the-job injuries and illnesses, administer immunizations, perform health screenings, and provide first aid.
    • Prevention and Education: Conduct risk assessments, develop safety programs, educate employees on health hazards, and promote healthy lifestyles.
    • Case Management: Track employee health issues, coordinate return-to-work programs, and facilitate communication between workers and healthcare providers.
    • Compliance: Ensure workplace adherence to safety regulations and health standards.
    • Counseling: Offer support and guidance on work-related stress, mental health concerns, and substance abuse.

    Telehealth Training for OHNs:

    OHNs interested in practicing telehealth require additional training in:

    • Telehealth technology: Utilizing platforms for secure video conferencing and data exchange.
    • Telehealth assessment: Conducting remote consultations and physical examinations using appropriate tools and techniques.
    • Legal and ethical considerations: Understanding telehealth regulations, privacy laws, and informed consent procedures.

    Collaboration and Legality:

    OHNs practicing telehealth often collaborate with:

    • Physicians: Consulting on complex cases, prescribing medications, and providing referrals.
    • Organizations: Implementing telehealth programs within companies, providing infrastructure, and ensuring compliance.

    Legality: Requirements vary by state and country. Ensure appropriate licensure, malpractice insurance, and compliance with telehealth regulations and standards of practice.

    Services Performed Independently vs. with Supervision:


    • Health education and promotion
    • Wellness counseling
    • Work-related injury and illness assessment & treatment (within scope)
    • Simple administrative tasks

    With Physician Supervision:

    • Diagnosis and treatment of complex medical conditions
    • Prescribing medications
    • Ordering diagnostic tests

    Financial Opportunities in Telehealth:

    Telehealth opens doors for OHNs to:

    • Expand their reach and patient base
    • Increase income potential
    • Offer flexible work arrangements
    • Provide convenient services to geographically dispersed workers

    OpenTelemed and OHNs:

    OpenTelemed offers a platform and support system for OHNs to thrive in telehealth:

    • Legal and financial guidance: Navigating compliance and maximizing earning potential.
    • Professional development: Skill enhancement programs and training opportunities.
    • Accreditation and credentialing: Expanding insurance network and patient reach.
    • Technology and resources: Access to secure telehealth platforms and tools.


    OpenTelemed empowers OHNs to contribute significantly to workplace health and advance their careers through responsible and successful telehealth practice. They connect OHNs with the necessary resources and training to unlock their full potential and make a difference in the lives of workers.