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OpenTelemed: Your Guide to a Smooth Virtual Visit

Ready to experience the convenience and flexibility of telehealth? This comprehensive guide from OpenTelemed will equip you with everything you need for a successful virtual visit.

Gearing Up for Your Appointment:

  • Device Check: You’ll need a video-capable device and internet access (smartphone, computer, tablet). If these are unavailable, inquire about audio-only telehealth options.
  • Telehealth 101: Don’t worry, it’s just like a regular visit, but from the comfort of your own space. Explore various services, benefits, and tips for first-timers.
  • Preparing for Takeoff:
    • Accessibility Matters: Need screen readers, captions, interpreters, or other support? Let your provider know!
    • Double-Check Emails: Review appointment and login instructions.
    • Tech Test Drive: Test your technology beforehand. Don’t be shy to request a test link or troubleshoot with help resources.
    • Financial Checkup: Discuss insurance or affordability concerns – your provider may know about low-cost or free options.
    • Ready, Set, Visit!: Learn essential video visit steps and common platform features.

Setting the Stage for a Successful Visit (Video or Audio):

  • Privacy Please: Find a quiet, private space for your conversation.
  • Noteworthy Information: Jot down your current medications, symptoms, questions, and any requested measurements (temperature, weight).
  • Pen and Paper Ready: Take notes during the appointment.
  • Focus Time: Avoid distractions like food, drinks, driving, or errands.
  • Patience is a Virtue: Just like in-person visits, delays can occur.

Telehealth: Beyond the Appointment:

  • Questions Still Linger? Contact your provider after the visit if anything comes up.
  • Follow-Up Smoothly: Schedule any recommended follow-up care, labs, imaging, or prescriptions.
  • Feedback is Key: Let your provider know what worked well or could be improved in future visits.

Empowering Your Telehealth Journey:

  • Knowledge is Power: Feel confident by understanding how telehealth works and asking questions about your visit.
  • Respect and Comfort: Your provider should address you using your preferred pronouns and name. Take your time, avoid feeling rushed, and find a provider who listens and answers your questions thoroughly.
  • Your Notes, Your Way: Decide what you’re comfortable sharing and understand your right to keep certain information private.
  • Health Equity for All: Advocate for yourself and your community by choosing inclusive providers and offering feedback to improve access and experience for everyone.

Financial Navigation:

  • Telehealth Cost Variations: Costs depend on your insurance and coverage. Check with your provider or insurer for specifics. Remember, even if slightly more expensive, telehealth can save on travel, lost wages, and childcare.

Tech Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Restarts, Recharges, Reconnects: Restart your device, ensure it’s charged, and check your internet connection strength.
  • Close the Door on Distractions: Close other applications to improve performance.
  • Browser Boost: Update your internet browser if using a web-based platform.
  • Device Switch-Up: Try a different device if problems persist.
  • Help is a Call Away: Contact your provider’s office for technical assistance.

With OpenTelemed and this comprehensive guide, you’re ready to embrace the future of healthcare and embark on a smooth, empowered, and successful virtual visit!

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